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Protecting your identity and payment data

April 26, 2022 by John

Security and privacy

You should never trust anyone with your private details. Hire a Hobby prioritises your security and privacy. Hire a Hobby does not hold your credit card details or your identity details. Hire a Hobby uses trusted third parties to do this for you.

Identity details: managed by Australia Post’s Digital ID

Hire a Hobby uses Australia Post’s Digital ID to verify your identity. This means Australia Post has your identity details. Not Hire a Hobby.

Australia Post was the first non-government provider to be accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Big organisations like the Australian Electoral Commission, Airtasker and Travelex rely on Australia Post’s Digital ID, and so does Hire a Hobby.

Australia Post’s Digital ID is the safest way for you to prove your identity.

Hire a Hobby does not hold your licence, passport or other identity details. Hire a Hobby does not ask you to trust someone you do not know with your personal details every time you hire an asset. That’s never a good idea. Who knows what happens next?

These details are provided to Australia Post, once, when you first hire an asset from us. Spend a few minutes with Australia Post’s Digital ID, once, and its done. From then on we  both rely on Australia Post. We know who you are and know your private details are safe and secure.

It’s just a few minutes for you and a few dollars for us (that’s right, we pay for your ID check). You can then hire from us confident that no one can misuse your identify details or your credit card details.

You can learn more about Australia Post’s Digital ID here: Digital ID.

Credit card details: managed by Stripe

Stripe holds your credit card details, not Hire a Hobby. This means you can be 100% confident your credit card details will not be mis-used.

Stripe is a user friendly on-line payment processor. Thousands of businesses around the world use Stripe to manage their on-line payments.

Stripe does not cost you anything: we pay all Stripe transaction costs.

You can learn more about Stripe here: Stripe.